Weddings can be Sticky situations

Our God Daughter  is getting married on Easter Sunday here at The Farm.  She worked with us a  few years ago and thought this would be easy, and that she knew how it all worked….but now  she  is  on “the other side of the fence”.  And so, the flood of questions have started.

When do I send out save the date cards and to whom?

How do I choose vendors?

How do I address invitations?

Do I have to use a certain color ink on the envelopes?

Is there a certain way to address certain people?

What if I invited someone and now I want to uninvite them?

If we have a day before luncheon with out of town family , how does that work with the rehearsal dinner?

what about table decorations?

Some of these even I haven’t heard before! We love answering questions, but there are other voices out there on line giving advice, like:




Wedding magazines

etiquette books by Emily Post, Martha Stewart etc

So here’s my advice, ask us, read other peoples advice and then meld the thoughts into your decision.  Bottom line is : In sticky situations always err on the side of thoughtfulness and kindness. on etiquette look at the books and magazines and if its none  of the above do whatever makes you happy.



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